You may love dogs, and you might be more than a little enamored with the idea of owning one, but are you ready for the responsibilities that come with actually owning a dog? For dog enthusiasts, that is the question they must answer before deciding to acquire a canine companion.

Owning a pet dog is a huge responsibility for any person and should not be taken lightly.  It is an important commitment since dogs are living creatures that require love, care, and attention. If you have solid intentions on adopting a dog, then here are some essential tips for becoming a responsible and kind dog owner.

Practical breed selection. A common mistake that most potential pet owners commit is picking a dog primarily for aesthetic purposes. Owning a dog just because they are a cute or adorable canine should not be the driving force in your decision.  Appearance is a factor in your decision, but not the primary consideration.  You must consider your lifestyle, your schedule, and your personal needs in the decision.  Your dog must seamlessly integrate into your way of life.  For example: if you’re aiming to feel more secure at home due to living in a rough neighborhood, then it would be best to get a watchdog with natural protective instincts towards its master.

Canine training. Even if the breed you’re getting is generously domesticated or docile in nature, you still have to ensure that your pet is fully trained to avoid any aggressive behaviors. Be patient with your dog because it may take some time to teach them basic commands like sitting, running, following your footsteps, or staying put in once place. Frequent training sessions with your dog will gradually allow them to be more familiar with your commands, allowing you to control them with ease.

Health and exercise. Dogs have individual physical and nutritional needs, and it’s important for dog owners to be extra vigilant with this particular responsibility. Owners should make it a point to feed their dog with nutritious meals that are approved by veterinarians, and prevent them from eating food or objects that might damage their internal organs. Moreover, regular exercise is essential because a majority of domesticated dog breeds love to stay active by running or playing simple games.

Spaying or neutering. When you don’t want unexpected pregnancies from happening, then you must have your dog spayed or neutered. Bear in mind that spaying is the process for female dogs while neutering is the process for males. These preventive measures allows you to focus solely on caring for a single pet rather than dealing with a litter of new puppies which is an overwhelming prospect.

Love and protection. Whatever positive benefits you receive from your dog must be returned in kind. Don’t skimp on providing your canine friend with the love and stability he or she deserves. Spend plenty of quality time with your dog to show that you value the presence of your pet. Keep your dog safe from harm by providing comfortable and durable shelter where he or she can rest after mealtimes, cleaning sessions, or leisure activities.

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