There’s no doubt that dogs are one of the most beloved animals in the animal kingdom, and most people who love dogs would surely agree with this statement. Dogs are one of the very first animals tamed and domesticated by humans and have proven to be very useful in most social aspects. Having a pet dog is considered ideal because they are great companions and protectors.  They love to be part of a pack and therefore thrive in a family environment. On top of those compelling positives, dogs are fun, adorable, intelligent, silly, and give unconditional love. Here are some interesting and surprising observations about our four-legged canine friends.


  • Scientific evidence based on evolutionary aspects about morphology, vocalizations, and behavior has led most biologists to accept that many (if not all) of today’s domesticated dog breeds descended from the grey wolf. Indeed, wolves and dogs are categorized under the same family when it comes to animal taxonomy.
  • The relationship between dogs and humans dates back to more than twelve thousand years. This statement is surprising, but factual because many ancient cultures all around the world have recorded the presence of dogs as part of their mythology and everyday life.
  • Dogs are among the smartest of mammals, and their greatest asset is their high degree of social intelligence. They learn primarily through observation, and this is the reason why humans can quickly train dogs.
  • Apart from being brilliant creatures, dogs also exhibit a considerable degree of emotions similar to humans. Depending on their surroundings and treatment, dogs can display feelings of happiness, depression, anger, jealousy, optimism, and curiosity. Canines with a friendly temperament are often used as service dogs to help assist disabled individuals.
  • Their heightened sense of smell and acute hearing ability are especially notable because they can smell and hear things that most humans can’t even detect. These uber skills make dogs perfect for tracking down items and people by sniffing related odors and for retrieval as dogs quickly respond to high-pitched dog whistles that emit a sound that people can’t hear.

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