When you think about it, dogs and humans share many similarities, and it may surprise you to discover some of the parallels. Despite being classified as two entirely different animal species, dog enthusiasts and canines alike have always shared a special relationship throughout history. Physically, we may not bear any features that found in canines, but there are several distinctive ways that humans are similar to dogs. Here are just some of the things humans share in common with their canine friends.

Massages. When people get tired and complain about their muscles aching all over, their solution to this problem is to undergo a relaxing massage. Domesticated canines share the same proclivity since they adore getting belly rubs from their dog owners. Although people don’t roll over on the floor to expose their stomachs for rubbing, there’s no denying the fact that we can relax when we feel the soothing touch of hands gently massaging our bodies.

Car trips. Dogs are predisposed to love the great outdoors, and whenever their owners take them outside, you can immediately sense their exhilaration.  Who hasn’t seen a doggie riding in a vehicle with the windows rolled down and their snout sticking out? Canines love to feel the wind upon their faces, while they cruise along with eyes closed and tongues hanging out.  The same case applies to people who love convertibles and motorcycles.  On a sunny day, motorists hit the road to capture the same excitement as their canine companions to feel the wind blowing through their hair and the fresh air in their lungs.

Protective instincts. When dogs have established a close relationship towards their masters, they will naturally protect them from any threats or dangers. This same instinctive attitude is also evident whenever dogs give birth to a litter of puppies. Humans are not so different in this sense because we are fiercely protective of the people we care about in our lives. Whether they are family members or close friends we’ve known for a long time, we will do anything to make sure that they don’t fall into danger.

Physical activity. Many people love to work out to keep their bodies in shape. Most people prefer exercising outdoors because this lets them breathe in fresh air, as well as saving precious money on expensive gym memberships. As we established above, dogs like to be outside too.  So, it’s no surprise that they love to be active by walking or running with their owners. Canines have a primal instinct to ensure that they remain physically active for their canine senses to perform at optimal levels.

Expressive emotions. We can certainly tell how other people are feeling by observing their body language, and the same principle applies to dogs as well. Most people tend to be visible with their emotions, and dogs are pretty much the same. For example, when people are happy, the common signs include the appearance of a smile or the sound of laughter. The canine equivalent of happiness is something along the lines of joyful barking and a wagging tail, which lets you know that the dog in question is pleased about something.

Sleeping. Dogs and humans both love their sleep and will make sure they get rest when needed. Maybe there is a difference there because dogs sleep about two-thirds of the day while humans struggle to snooze for eight hours a day. No matter, both dog, and owner understand this essential need to rejuvenate after a long day of activity.

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