Responsible dog owners know that they are liable for the life and health of their canine charges. Dogs aren’t invincible despite their lively disposition.  They need special care and attention the same way humans do to remain healthy and free of illnesses. People often say that dogs are man’s best friend, and therefore, we should make a genuine effort to treat them as such when it comes to their wellbeing. Professional veterinarians often advise pet owners to be vigilant about the healthcare of their dogs, and here are just some of the top suggestions for dog owners.


Spaying and neutering. Before you get all confused about these terms, here’s a simple breakdown: both are procedures used to control sexual urges within dogs, but the process for female dogs is called spaying, and the process for males is neutering. Spaying prevents females from going into heat, as well as avoiding risks of getting breast cancer and uterus infections. Neutering, on the other hand, mellows out any overly aggressive mating behaviors in males and lowers the incidence of acquiring testicular cancer and prostate disease.


Vaccination. It’s important to have dogs vaccinated because they are prone to infectious diseases that could also affect humans. The most common inoculation treatment for dogs is for rabies since this prevents the risk of people getting the disease if dogs bite them. Furthermore, particular breeds are more prone to certain diseases. If you are unsure about what vaccines to give your dog, consult a licensed veterinarian for advice and education on the subject.


Cleanliness. Dogs are very active by nature, and they tend to get messy after frolicking outdoors. Dog owners should be very thorough when it comes to cleaning their dogs because their bodies can attract microscopic parasites like ticks or fleas. Get in the habit of washing your dog regularly using pet-approved cleaning products. It is a great bonding activity and will help the pet’s skin stay free of pests, as well as, producing a clean and silky coat. Don’t forget to include brushing their teeth as this is part of their overall cleanliness regimen.


Diet and exercise. Most dog breeds can live long lives, and a contributing factor to a healthy canine lifespan is keeping a close eye on diet and exercise. A nutritious and well-balanced diet helps dogs to maintain their metabolism and energy, while regular exercise routines ensure that their bodies remain alert in any situation. Pet owners do have to keep in mind that they should take care to regulate the food portions because dogs tend to gain weight when fed too often.


Vet visits. Even when dogs are in the pink of health, it’s essential to have them visit the animal clinic every few months to confirm that everything is okay. What a perfect opportunity for pet owners to talk with veterinarians and other significant concerns regarding their dogs. Make these visits count because you’ll be able to get vital information that could help sustain the well-being of your dog.

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