My Super-Special, Kinda-Human Dog Named Louie by Jeanne Andersen


My Super-Special, Kinda-Human Dog Named Louie

Get ready for the dog that thinks he’s a boy. Or is he a boy that just has too much hair? Whatever way you see him, he is a pretty incredible being. He’s My Super-Special, Kinda-Human Dog Named Louie.

Louie does amazing things. He likes to travel, sing, play the piano, and talk on the telephone. He’s always on an adventure, whether at home or on the road. There is not a lazy bone in his furry body. Come along with Louie and read about his good times. He is full of surprises, like winning his black belt in Kung Fu, traveling to the Australian Outback, and jetting off to Honolulu. Louie is smart. He reads, laughs, talks, and orders Chinese take-out. His only bad habit is his craving for bubblegum and candy, and that can get him into trouble.


Book Reviews

Perfect reading for story time, this book will have young listeners giggling away at Louie's zany adventures. Louie is simply adorable. His adventurous spirit shines through his expressive blue eyes and comical posturing in the illustrations. Toddlers, preschoolers, and other pre-readers will find something to identify with in his giggle-inducing antics, ... The appealing main character and his zany activities invite discussion about connections with Louie's activities and the plans and dreams that young people have for themselves.

Clarion Review | Foreward Magazine, Inc.

This wonderfully illustrated debut introduces Louie, a clothes-wearing, kung fu-fighting canine in the tradition of Snoopy. Louie the Lhasa apso is a real pal to his human owner, and despite his furry exterior, he's convinced he's a human, too. G's cartoonish illustrations are delightful, capturing the silliness of Louie's activities without undermining the fun. ...celebrate the gleefully absurd actions of the "kinda human" dog. A silly collection of stanzas about a charming pup whose personality is ably captured in colorful pictures.

Kirkus Reviews

The title and lively cover art of a dog performing kung fu, scuba diving and playing the piano are well chosen for Jeanne Andersen's rhyming picture book about a dog called Louie who likes to try human activities. The activities are fun, and the rhymes that describe them display a strong sense of enthusiasm ... the high-spirited text paired with the animated illustrations should appeal to young children, who will enjoy "Super-Special" Louie.

Blue Ink Review

Jeanne Andersen

Jeanne Andersen grew up with a cat perched on her shoulder and a dog that was at times mentioned in the local newspaper for his crazy antics around the town’s main street shops and fire station. From a young age, Jeanne was enamored with animals and the powerful impact she believes they have on humans. She is a natural-born writer and from childhood has been penning short stories and poetry about the beauty of travelling and the adventures she could experience in the world around her. She transformed that talent into a successful speaking and writing career as an adult.


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